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Last Updated: January 7, 2024


The Flaming Lamborghini is a spectacle of a cocktail that is as much about the theatrics of its consumption as it is about its taste. Known for its fiery presentation, it's a popular choice for celebrations and daredevil drinkers.

  • Origins The exact origins of the Flaming Lamborghini are somewhat murky, but it's believed to have been created in the late 20th century.
  • Popularity It gained popularity in nightclubs and bars for its dramatic presentation.
  • Target Audience This drink is often enjoyed by those looking to add an element of excitement to their night out.

How Flaming Lamborghini Tastes?

The Flaming Lamborghini is a potent concoction with a complex taste profile. It's sweet, creamy, and has a strong licorice flavor from the Sambuca, complemented by the coffee notes of Kahlua and the citrus kick from the Bols Blue Curacao.

Interesting facts about Flaming Lamborghini

  • The cocktail's name is derived from the luxury Italian car brand, Lamborghini, symbolizing the drink's high-energy and luxurious nature.
  • The drink is traditionally set on fire before consumption, adding to its dramatic effect.
  • It's often served in a special arrangement that allows for the drink to be consumed quickly after the flames are extinguished.


  • Bailey's irish cream: 1 oz(30ml)
  • Kahlua: 1 oz(30ml)
  • Sambuca: 1 oz(30ml)
  • Blue curacao: 1 oz(30ml)

Bailey's Irish Cream

An integral creamy component, Bailey's adds a smooth texture and sweet vanilla and chocolate undertones that tame the potent Sambuca and Kahlua. Using less might make you miss out on the creaminess, while more could overpower the balance. Skip it, and you lose the cocktail's signature velvet touch. A possible alternative is another Irish cream or Amarula for a fruity twist.

Alex Green


This Mexican coffee liqueur imparts deep, rich coffee flavors to anchor the cocktail. It pairs nicely with the Sambuca's anise notes. If you reduce it, you'll lose depth; too much could turn the drink into a boozy coffee. Substitute with another coffee liqueur and you might get a slightly different coffee profile.

Emma Rose


Sambuca brings a licorice kick that makes this drink iconic. Without it, you lose the fiery element and herbal complexity. Its amount needs careful balance to avoid overwhelming the drink. A substitute could be another anise-flavored spirit, such as Pastis, which would soften the licorice punch.

Mary Mitkina

Blue Curacao

A bright citrus liqueur that introduces a sweet orange flavor and a vibrant blue hue. Too little and its visual effect is lost, too much might make the drink too sweet. Leave it out, and the 'Flaming Lamborghini' lacks its colorful flames. Triple Sec could be a subtler option if you’re not after the blue.

Alex Green

Recipe. How to make Flaming Lamborghini Drink

  1. Pour the Kahlua into a small cocktail glass.
  2. Layer the Sambuca on top of the Kahlua.
  3. In a separate shot glass or glasses add Blue Curacao and Irish cream and sit off to the side.
  4. Light the Sambuca on fire. Quickly and carefully drink the coffee liqueur and sambuca with a straw before it melts.
  5. When bottom of the glass is reached, add the Irish Cream and Blue Curacao
  6. Drink it quickly

Pro Tips

  • Chill the glass before building the cocktail to help the layers stay distinct.
  • Practice layering the liquors to achieve a clean separation.
  • Always use a long lighter to ignite the drink to keep your hands at a safe distance from the flames.

Perfect Pairings

Savory Snacks

  • Tapas: Rich and creamy cocktails often pair nicely with small bites like tapas, offering a complex flavor contrast.
  • Bacon-wrapped Dates: The sweetness of the dates can complement the sweet and herbal notes of the cocktail.


  • Chocolate Fondue: The rich chocolate will pair beautifully with the creamy and coffee notes of the drink.
  • Tiramisu: The coffee flavor in both the tiramisu and Kahlua will enhance each other.


  • Espresso: Coffee can cleanse the palate between sips and amplify the coffee notes in the Kahlua.

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What you could change in Flaming Lamborghini

  • If Bailey's Irish Cream is not available, any other Irish cream liqueur can be used.
  • Tia Maria can replace Kahlua for a slightly different coffee flavor.
  • Any anise-flavored liqueur can be a substitute for Sambuca, though it may alter the taste slightly.

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And of course - twists🍹

Espresso Lamborghini

Replace Bailey's with Espresso Vodka to inject a potent coffee kick. Follow the original recipe but swap in the vodka before setting the Sambuca alight. It's bolder, less creamy, and perfect for coffee lovers.

Minty Lamborghini

Add a splash of crème de menthe with the Irish Cream for a minty twist. It gives a refreshing edge and contrasts the heavy flavors with a burst of cool mint.

Tropical Lamborghini

Swap out Blue Curacao for a tropical liqueur like coconut rum. The result is a Flaming Lamborghini that whisks you away to an exotic beach, blending the richness of Irish cream with tropical vibes.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Flaming Lamborghini

What type of glass is best suited for the Flaming Lamborghini cocktail?

A large cocktail glass or martini glass is typically used for the Flaming Lamborghini to accommodate the layered ingredients and allow space for the flame on top.

How can I safely extinguish the flame before drinking a Flaming Lamborghini?

You can safely extinguish the flame by placing a flat object like a coaster or a saucer over the glass to cut off the oxygen supply to the flame, or by consuming the drink through a straw quickly, as the flame will go out as the liquid level drops.

Is it necessary to use a specific brand of spirits for the Flaming Lamborghini?

While the listed brands in the recipe are part of the traditional Flaming Lamborghini, the cocktail can still be made with alternative brands, as long as they are similar in flavor and quality.

Can the Flaming Lamborghini be made without the flame for a safer experience?

Yes, the cocktail can be enjoyed without the flame. Simply skip the igniting step and enjoy the layered drink with a straw.

How do I layer the ingredients to achieve the distinct layers seen in the Flaming Lamborghini?

Layer the ingredients by carefully pouring each liquid over the back of a spoon held just above the surface of the preceding layer. This technique helps the liquids to float on top of each other due to their different densities.

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