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August 9, 2023


The Flaming Dr. Pepper cocktail is believed to have originated in the 1980s, during a time when flaming cocktails were gaining popularity. It is named after the popular soft drink, Dr. Pepper, due to its similar taste. The cocktail is known for its impressive presentation, as it involves lighting the drink on fire.

  • Popular in the 1980s
  • Named after Dr. Pepper soft drink
  • Known for its flaming presentation

How Flaming Dr. Pepper Tastes?

The Flaming Dr. Pepper has a unique, sweet, and slightly spicy taste. It is reminiscent of the Dr. Pepper soft drink, with a hint of caramel and a warming sensation from the flaming alcohol.

Interesting facts about Flaming Dr. Pepper

  • The cocktail does not actually contain Dr. Pepper
  • It is often served as a shot
  • The flaming presentation adds a caramelized flavor to the drink


Recipe. How to make Flaming Dr. Pepper Drink

  1. Fill a shot glass with 1 oz of Amaretto
  2. Carefully layer 0.5 oz of overproof rum on top of the Amaretto
  3. Fill a pint glass halfway with beer
  4. Light the rum on fire using a long lighter
  5. Carefully drop the flaming shot glass into the pint glass
  6. Extinguish the flame and drink immediately

Pro Tips

  • Use a long lighter to avoid burning your fingers when lighting the rum on fire
  • Serve immediately after extinguishing the flame to enjoy the caramelized flavor
  • Use a pint glass that is wide enough to accommodate the shot glass

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What you could change in Flaming Dr. Pepper

  • Amaretto: Can be replaced with any other almond-flavored liqueur
  • Overproof Rum: Can be replaced with any other high-proof alcohol
  • Beer: Can be replaced with any other light beer

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Frequently Asked Questions on Flaming Dr. Pepper

How to extinguish the flame of the cocktail safely?

The safest technique to extinguish the flame is by smothering it. This can be achieved by placing a non-flammable lid over the top of the cup. Blowing it might cause splashing of the flaming liquid.

What's the best type of beer to use for this cocktail?

While the choice largely depends upon personal preference, light ales or lagers tend to companion well with the sweet and spicy notes of the Amaretto and overproof rum.

Why is it called Flaming Dr. Pepper if it doesn't contain Dr. Pepper?

The blend of Amaretto, overproof rum, and beer creates a flavor profile that's quite similar to Dr. Pepper soft drink. Hence, despite not containing the actual soda, it is named after it.

Is the flame necessary? Can I enjoy this cocktail without it?

The flame is a part of the presentation and adds a caramelized flavor to the drink. However, if you prefer to skip it and still want to try the drink, it's totally acceptable.

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