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Last Updated: January 7, 2024


The Four Horsemen Shot is a powerful cocktail that gets its name from the four main ingredients, each representing one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Jim Beam (Conquest), Jack Daniel's (War), Johnnie Walker (Famine), and José Cuervo (Death). This cocktail is popular among those who enjoy strong, bold flavors and a bit of a challenge. It is often served as a shot at parties and gatherings, where it is sure to make an impression.

  • Originated in the United States
  • Popular among college students and partygoers
  • Known for its strong, bold flavors

How Four Horsemen Shot Tastes?

The Four Horsemen Shot is a potent, fiery, and robust cocktail. It has a strong, oaky taste with hints of caramel, vanilla, and spice. The combination of whiskey, bourbon, scotch, and tequila creates a complex and intense flavor profile.

Interesting facts about Four Horsemen Shot

  • The cocktail is named after the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse from the Book of Revelation
  • Each of the four main ingredients represents one of the Four Horsemen
  • It is often served as a shot, making it a popular choice for parties and gatherings


  • Jim beam: 0.5 oz(15ml)
  • Jack daniel's: 0.5 oz(15ml)
  • Johnnie walker: 0.5 oz(15ml)
  • José cuervo: 0.5 oz(15ml)

Jim Beam

Jim Beam is a classic Kentucky bourbon that contributes caramel and vanilla notes to the shot. With its 0.5 oz serving, it's enough to share its personality without overpowering the balance. Omitting Jim Beam will make the shot less sweet and bold. For a twist, try using Maker's Mark for a bit more spiciness and full-bodied flavor.

Emma Rose

Jack Daniel's

With its distinct charcoal-mellowed smoothness, Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey adds a slightly different dimension of sweetness and a smoky character to the shot. A 0.5 oz pour ensures its voice is heard but not too loudly. Skipping it could result in a less complex flavor profile. A possible alternative is George Dickel Tennessee whiskey, which would introduce a slightly drier edge.

Alex Green

Johnnie Walker

The half-ounce of Johnnie Walker, a Scotch whisky, introduces a touch of smoky peat and a little spice to the mix, offering depth and complexity. Leaving it out would mean missing the unique Scotch flavor twist. As an alternative, you could try using a different blended Scotch like Chivas Regal for a smoother, more rounded taste.

Mary Mitkina

José Cuervo

José Cuervo, the only non-whiskey in the mix, is a tequila that brings a sharp, peppery punch with some zesty lime and salt nuances. It's the wild card ingredient that makes the Four Horsemen truly unique. Without it, the shot would be less complex and miss that tequila zing. An alternative could be another silver tequila like Don Julio Blanco, which would deliver a purer agave flavor.

Emma Rose

Recipe. How to make Four Horsemen Shot Drink

  1. Gather all ingredients
  2. Pour equal parts of each ingredient into a shot glass
    • 0.5 oz Jim Beam
    • 0.5 oz Jack Daniel's
    • 0.5 oz Johnnie Walker
    • 0.5 oz José Cuervo
  3. Serve the shot immediately

Pro Tips

  • Chill the ingredients before mixing for a smoother shot
  • Use a measuring tool to ensure equal parts of each ingredient
  • Serve the shot in a chilled glass for an enhanced experience

Perfect Pairings

Food Pairings

  • Barbecue*: The strong flavors of the Four Horsemen Shot can stand up to the smokiness of meats off the grill.
  • Spicy Foods: The intensity of the spirits might complement the kick of spicy dishes.
  • Dark Chocolate: For a sweeter balance, the heat from the alcohol can be tamed with rich chocolate.

Drink Chasers

  • Beer: A cold beer can be a refreshing follow-up to the shot's burn.
  • Water or Soda Water: To cleanse the palate and mitigate the burn, opt for a light, non-alcoholic option.
  • Coffee: A sip of coffee can highlight the caramel and vanilla notes in the bourbons.

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What you could change in Four Horsemen Shot

  • Jim Beam can be replaced with another bourbon
  • Jack Daniel's can be replaced with another Tennessee whiskey
  • Johnnie Walker can be replaced with another blended scotch
  • José Cuervo can be replaced with another tequila

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And of course - twists🍹

The Four Horsemen Go Hunting

  • 0.5 oz Each of Jim Beam Black, Jack Daniel's Single Barrel, Johnnie Walker Black, and Jose Cuervo Reposado
  • Recipe: Follow the same steps but with the premium versions of each spirit. This will create a richer, more intense flavor with deeper woodsy and vanilla notes.

The Four Horsemen Ride The Tropics

  • Substitute Johnnie Walker with 0.5 oz of Malibu Coconut Rum
  • Recipe: This twist introduces a tropical vibe with the coconut rum. It softens the punch and brings a sweet, coconutty playfulness to the shot.

The Four Gentlemen

  • Replace Jim Beam with Southern Comfort
  • Replace José Cuervo with Grand Marnier
  • Recipe: This becomes a much smoother shot with Southern Comfort's fruitiness and Grand Marnier's orange essence. It's more gentlemanly, less rowdy, and offers a complex citrus finish.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Four Horsemen Shot

Does the Four Horsemen Shot have a popular day or time when it is typically consumed?

Since the Four Horsemen Shot is often served at parties or gatherings, it doesn't necessarily have a specific day or time that it's typically consumed. However, given its potency, it might be most suitable for late evening hours.

What is the most suitable glassware for the Four Horsemen Shot?

The Four Horsemen Shot is traditionally served in a shot glass, preferably one with a heavy bottom to accommodate the equal portions of the four spirits.

Is the Four Horsemen Shot a good cocktail for cocktail-making beginners?

Although the ingredients needed and the steps to make a Four Horsemen Shot are simple, the cocktail itself is quite potent. Therefore, it might not be the best choice for beginners unless they have a preference for strong, bold flavors.

What garnishes, if any, can be used when serving the Four Horsemen Shot?

The Four Horsemen Shot does not typically require a garnish. Its flavor complexity and potency are enough to make an impression without the need for additional elements.

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