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August 9, 2023


The Lynchburg Lemonade cocktail is named after the town of Lynchburg, Tennessee, where the Jack Daniel's distillery is located. It was created in the 1980s by a local bar owner named Tony Mason. The drink gained popularity when Jack Daniel's began promoting it as a refreshing summer cocktail.

  • The drink is often associated with Southern culture and hospitality
  • It's a popular choice for outdoor gatherings and barbecues
  • The cocktail has been featured in various movies and TV shows, further increasing its popularity

How Lynchburg Lemonade Tastes?

The Lynchburg Lemonade has a refreshing, sweet, and tangy taste with a hint of whiskey warmth. It's a well-balanced mix of sour, sweet, and slightly bitter flavors, making it a perfect summer drink.

Interesting facts about Lynchburg Lemonade

  • The original recipe called for a specific brand of whiskey, Jack Daniel's, but any good-quality whiskey can be used
  • The cocktail was at the center of a legal dispute between Tony Mason and the Jack Daniel's company in the 1980s
  • Lynchburg Lemonade is often served in a mason jar, adding to its rustic charm


Recipe. How to make Lynchburg Lemonade Drink

  1. Fill a shaker with ice
  2. Add whiskey, triple sec, lemon juice, and simple syrup
  3. Shake well until chilled
  4. Strain into a tall glass filled with ice
  5. Top with Sprite or 7-Up
  6. Garnish with a lemon wheel and a cherry

Pro Tips

  • Use fresh lemon juice for the best flavor
  • Chill your glass before serving for a refreshing touch
  • Shake well to ensure all ingredients are well mixed

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What you could change in Lynchburg Lemonade

  • Whiskey: Any good-quality whiskey can be used, not just Jack Daniel's
  • Sprite or 7-Up: Can be replaced with any lemon-lime soda
  • Triple sec: Can be replaced with any orange-flavored liqueur

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Frequently Asked Questions on Lynchburg Lemonade

What is the origin of the name 'Lynchburg Lemonade'?

Lynchburg Lemonade is named after the town of Lynchburg, Tennessee, the home place of the Jack Daniel's distillery, which is the whiskey traditionally used in this cocktail.

Can I drink Lynchburg Lemonade if I don't like the flavor of bourbon?

If you are not fond of bourbon, you may enjoy Lynchburg Lemonade as the bourbon flavor is balanced with the sweet and sour taste of other ingredients.

What kind of food does Lynchburg Lemonade pair well with?

The Lynchburg Lemonade pairs well with Southern-style dishes such as smoked ribs, pulled pork, or any barbecued food. Its refreshing characteristics make it a nice match for spicy foods as well.

What's the best time to enjoy a Lynchburg Lemonade?

Lynchburg Lemonade is a versatile cocktail that can be enjoyed at any time, but it is especially suitable for hot summer days and outdoor events like barbecues.

Is Lynchburg Lemonade a tropical cocktail?

Although it has a refreshing taste, Lynchburg Lemonade is not traditionally categorized as a tropical cocktail. It's a whiskey-based drink associated more with Southern culture.

Are there non-alcoholic versions of Lynchburg Lemonade?

Yes, for a non-alcoholic version, you can simply omit the whiskey and triple sec. This results in a refreshing lemon-lime soda.

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Extra information to help you make Lynchburg Lemonade

The basic composition of simple syrup is relatively straightforward – a 1:1 ratio of sugar and water. This mixture is heated until the sugar dissolves, resulting in a clear, sweet syrup.

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Add your ingredients to the shaker first, then ice. Fill it up to ¾ of its capacity to ensure enough space for shaking. Hold the shaker with both hands (one on the top and one on the bottom) and shake vigorously. The shake should come from your shoulders, not your wrists.

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Place your chosen strainer on top of the shaker or mixing glass, ensuring a secure fit. Pour the cocktail into a glass through the strainer, which will catch solid ingredients and ice. If double straining, hold the fine mesh strainer between the shaker and the glass.

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Garnishing a bar drink depends on the type of garnish and the cocktail. Generally, it involves preparing the garnish (like cutting a citrus wheel or picking a sprig of mint), and then adding it to the drink in a visually appealing way (like perching it on the rim or floating it on top).

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