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Last Updated: January 7, 2024


The Black Velvet cocktail is a classic drink that dates back to the 19th century. It was first created in 1861 at Brooks's Club in London to mourn the death of Prince Albert, Queen Victoria's husband. The dark color of the drink symbolizes the black armbands worn by mourners during the Victorian era.

  • The drink is popular among those who enjoy a rich, dark, and velvety taste
  • It is often served at celebrations and special occasions
  • The combination of stout and champagne gives it a unique flavor profile

How Black Velvet Tastes?

The Black Velvet cocktail has a rich, velvety, and smooth taste with a hint of sweetness. The combination of the stout and champagne creates a perfect balance of flavors, making it a luxurious and indulgent drink.

Interesting facts about Black Velvet

  • The name 'Black Velvet' comes from the drink's dark color and smooth texture
  • The cocktail was created as a symbol of mourning for Prince Albert
  • It is a popular drink for toasting and celebrating special occasions



This creamy and flavorful beer has a rich, roasted malt profile that provides the backdrop for this cocktail. If you skimp on the stout, you lose that velvety mouthfeel that gives the Black Velvet its name. Too much, and you might as well be drinking a pint with a fancy topper.

Emma Rose


The Champagne, oh la la, adds sophistication and a lovely effervescence. Without it, the cocktail wouldn't have its signature contrasting textures – it'd be a bit like a ballet without a prima ballerina. Half the expected amount would leave your stout feeling lonely.

Mary Mitkina

Ice (optional)

As for ice, that’s a guest that’s not always invited to the party. It can dilute the bold flavors and chilled nature intended for this drink, but if you like your sips extra frosty, who am I to say no?

Alex Green

Recipe. How to make Black Velvet Drink

  1. Fill a champagne flute halfway with chilled stout
  2. Slowly top off the glass with chilled champagne, allowing the two liquids to mix naturally
  3. Optionally, add ice to the glass if desired
  4. Serve immediately and enjoy

Pro Tips

  • Chill your stout and champagne before making the cocktail to enhance the flavors
  • Pour the stout slowly to avoid too much foam
  • Use a champagne flute to serve the cocktail to maintain the carbonation and flavor

Perfect Pairings


  • Oysters: The brininess of oysters complements the dryness of the champagne and the richness of the stout.
  • Smoked Salmon Canapés: The smoky flavors work well with the deep notes of stout and the effervescence of the champagne.

Main Courses

  • Grilled Steak: A robust steak can stand up to the full-bodied nature of a Black Velvet.
  • Mushroom Risotto: The earthiness of mushrooms pairs perfectly with the malty stout.


  • Dark Chocolate: Chocolate and stout are a classic combo, and the champagne cuts through the richness.


  • Aged Cheddar: The sharpness of a good cheddar resonates with the complex flavors of the Black Velvet.

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What you could change in Black Velvet

  • You can substitute the stout with a dark beer if you prefer a less intense flavor
  • If you don't have champagne, a sparkling wine can be used instead

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And of course - twists🍹

Cider Velvet

  • Replace Champagne with a dry apple cider
  • Recipe remains the same
  • It will have a fruitier taste and less fizzy head, perfect for those who prefer a sweeter profile with a rustic touch.

Black Velvet Espresso

  • Add a shot of cold espresso to the stout before topping up with champagne
  • The espresso will add a caffeinated kick and bring out chocolate notes in the stout
  • This variant is perfect for coffee lovers and can be an indulgent brunch special.

Chocolate Velvet

  • Add a splash of chocolate liqueur to the stout
  • The added chocolate flavor will make the drink even more decadent
  • This take is great for dessert or for those who enjoy a sweeter, more dessert-like cocktail experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Black Velvet

What type of champagne should I use for a Black Velvet cocktail?

While any type of champagne would work, it's often recommended to use a Brut champagne for its dryness to balance out the sweetness of the stout.

What can I mix with Black Velvet if I don't have champagne or sparkling wine?

While the traditional Black Velvet cocktail requires champagne, in absence you may use Prosecco or Cava, although it might slightly alter the taste.

What is the best way to store the remaining stout and champagne after making the cocktail?

Both stout and champagne should be kept in a cool place like a fridge. Caps or stoppers can be used to maintain fizziness for champagne.

Why is the drink called Black Velvet?

The name Black Velvet comes from the look and texture of this cocktail. The dark hue of stout combined with the frothy champagne resembles the luxurious fabric, velvet.

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