Grinch Mimosa Cocktail Recipe

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Alcohol:% varies by champagne

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Nic Polotnianko

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Last Updated: January 16, 2024


The Grinch Mimosa is a festive twist on the classic Mimosa, perfect for holiday gatherings or whenever you're in the mood for something cheerfully colorful. The cocktail's name and vibrant green hue are inspired by the famous Dr. Seuss character, the Grinch, symbolizing his change of heart and the festive spirit of Christmas.

  • Who Would Enjoy It?
    • Fans of the classic Mimosa looking for a seasonal variation
    • Those who appreciate a visually striking cocktail
    • Guests at holiday parties or Christmas-themed events

How Grinch Mimosa Tastes?

The Grinch Mimosa offers a delightful balance of sweet and tart flavors. The orange juice provides a fresh citrusy sweetness, while the blue curacao adds a hint of tropical fruitiness and a slight bitter edge. The champagne tops it off with effervescence and a touch of dryness, making it a light and refreshing choice.

Interesting facts about Grinch Mimosa

  • The Grinch Mimosa's color is reminiscent of the Grinch's green fur.
  • It's a popular choice for Christmas brunches and holiday toasts.
  • The cocktail is as much about visual appeal as it is about taste, making it a hit on social media during the holiday season.



The star of any mimosa, champagne brings effervescence and a touch of class. Its dry, crisp nature balances the sweetness of the other components. Less champagne, and you might tip into overly sweet territory; too much, and you're just sipping bubbly orange juice. Without it, well, it wouldn't really be a mimosa, would it?

Mary Mitkina

Blue Curacao

This blue liqueur isn't just about bold color; it's got a slight orange flavor that complements the actual orange juice. At ½ ounce per glass, it's enough to make a statement without overwhelming. Skip it, and you'll lose the ‘Grinch’ look and some zesty notes.

Alex Green

Orange Juice

It's the 'M' in mimosa! Three ounces per glass gives you enough citrus tang to be refreshing without drowning the champagne's subtlety. Less could make the drink too alcoholic, more and it's a boozy OJ. Change it to grapefruit juice for a tarter twist.

Emma Rose


A fun garnish that whispers of the cocktail's sweet side. One per glass lets you sip with a smile but doesn't overpower the delicate balance. No strawberry, no problem, but that extra touch of festivity will be missed.

Mary Mitkina

Recipe. How to make Grinch Mimosa Drink

  1. Pour 3 ounces of chilled orange juice into each champagne glass.
  2. Add ½ an ounce of blue curacao into each glass.
  3. Top each glass with chilled champagne until full.
  4. Garnish with a strawberry slice on the rim of the glass.

Pro Tips

  • Chill your champagne glasses before serving to keep the Mimosa cold longer.
  • Adjust the blue curacao to your taste; less for a lighter color and flavor, more for a bolder look and taste.
  • Use a champagne with a dry profile to balance the sweetness of the other ingredients.

Perfect Pairings


  • Bruschetta: The fresh, fruity notes from the cocktail complement the tomato and basil.
  • Shrimp Ceviche: Matching acidity from the citrus with the tropical flavor profile.


  • Grilled White Fish: The lightness of the fish pairs with the delicate bubbles of champagne.
  • Chicken Alfredo Pasta: Creaminess balanced by the mimosa's citrus.


  • Fruit Tarts: Adds a sweet end while the drink cuts through the sweetness.
  • Lemon Cheesecake: Mimic the citrus notes in both the drink and the dessert.

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What you could change in Grinch Mimosa

  • Champagne: Can be substituted with any sparkling wine or Prosecco for a similar effect.
  • Blue Curacao: If unavailable, try using blue food coloring with a dash of orange liqueur to mimic the color and flavor.
  • Orange Juice: Freshly squeezed orange juice is preferred, but store-bought is also acceptable.

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And of course - twists🍹

Green Apple Grinch

  • Substitute Orange Juice with Green Apple Liqueur
  • Add a splash of sparkling water The Green Apple Grinch plays into the name with its tart, appley taste. It's slightly less sweet but has a crisp freshness to it, much like biting into a Granny Smith. The sparkling water adds a bit of bite!

Berry Grinch Mimosa

  • Mix in a dash of raspberry syrup
  • Garnish with fresh raspberries instead of strawberry The Berry Grinch Mimosa adds a berry twist, contributing a deeper sweetness and a touch of color that leans more towards purple. It's perfect for the berry lover looking to add a fruity punch to their festivities!

Tropical Grinch Mimosa

  • Use pineapple juice instead of orange juice
  • Add a splash of coconut rum Swapping out the orange juice for pineapple gives this Tropical Grinch Mimosa a beachy vibe. The coconut rum's sweetness pairs well with the tart pineapple, and you might just hear the ocean if you close your eyes and sip!

In case you forgot basics how to make Grinch Mimosa

Garnishing a bar drink depends on the type of garnish and the cocktail. Generally, it involves preparing the garnish (like cutting a citrus wheel or picking a sprig of mint), and then adding it to the drink in a visually appealing way (like perching it on the rim or floating it on top).

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Frequently Asked Questions on Grinch Mimosa

What type of glass should be used for serving a Grinch Mimosa?

A Grinch Mimosa is classically served in a champagne flute to showcase its effervescence and color, but any tall and slim glass will do.

Is the Grinch Mimosa suitable for a brunch setting?

Absolutely! Mimosas are a popular choice for brunches due to their light and refreshing taste.

Can you make a non-alcoholic version of the Grinch Mimosa?

Yes, you can substitute the champagne with non-alcoholic sparkling wine or sparkling cider to create a mocktail version.

How do I achieve the best fizz in my Grinch Mimosa?

Ensure that both the champagne and orange juice are well-chilled before mixing, as this helps maintain the bubbles.

Can the Grinch Mimosa be pre-mixed and stored?

It's best to mix the ingredients right before serving to preserve the carbonation of the champagne and the freshness of the juice.

How can I garnish the Grinch Mimosa aside from strawberries?

Other garnishments could include an orange twist, a sprig of mint for a pop of color, or even edible glitter for an extra festive touch.

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