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Last Updated: January 16, 2024


The Mojito is a traditional Cuban highball that has gained immense popularity worldwide. Its mocktail counterpart, the Strawberry Mojito Mocktail, is a non-alcoholic version that infuses the sweetness and aroma of fresh strawberries into the classic mint-lime combination. It's a favorite among those who prefer non-alcoholic beverages, health-conscious individuals, and can be enjoyed by all ages at any time of the day.

How Strawberry Mojito Mocktail Tastes?

This Strawberry Mojito Mocktail is a refreshing blend of sweet and zesty flavors. The ripe strawberries contribute a juicy, fruity sweetness, while the mint provides a cool, crisp undertone. The lime juice adds a tangy kick, and the soda water gives it a fizzy lift. It's a vibrant and invigorating drink that's perfect for sipping on a hot day.

Interesting facts about Strawberry Mojito Mocktail

  • The Mojito was Ernest Hemingway's favorite drink, and its mocktail versions continue to honor the tradition.
  • Strawberries are rich in antioxidants and add a healthy twist to this refreshing beverage.
  • Mojitos, including mocktail versions, are often associated with summer and tropical settings, making them a popular choice for outdoor events.


Fresh Strawberries

Strawberries add a sweet and fruity kick, bringing summer to your taste buds. Without them, you'd miss the berry bliss that's the heart of this mocktail. Too few, and you're attending a mint party solo; too many, and it's jammy chaos.

Emma Rose

Fresh Mint Leaves

Mint injects a zesty, refreshing breeze that'll make your taste sensors dance the cha-cha. Skip it, and your mocktail loses its 'Mojito' passport. Less mint, less pep; more mint, you're brushing your teeth with your drink.

Alex Green

Lime Juice

Sharp, tangy lime juice cuts through the sweetness, adding that 'zing' your palate craves. No lime, no limbo—this party trick falls flat. Balance is key; an extra squeeze can take it from 'sip' to 'squint'.

Mary Mitkina

Simple Syrup

Sweet syrup is the peacemaker between tangy lime and zippy mint. If you forget this, you'll be sipping on a sour symphony. Aim for just the right dribble to keep the peace treaty strong without inducing a sugar rush.

Emma Rose

Soda Water

The fizz brings the pizzazz, giving life to our non-alcoholic thriller. No soda, no show; it's like a firework display without the bang. Keep the measurements modest—too much, and you've got a burp concert.

Alex Green

Ice Cubes

They're the cool backbone that chills our sipper down. Without them, you're left with a lukewarm handshake when you wanted a cool high-five. Quantity matters; too much ice dilutes the soul, too little, and you're sunbathing in the Sahara.

Mary Mitkina

Fresh Strawberry (for garnish)

This is your drink's selfie—looking fresh and lush atop the glass. Missing this, and your mocktail's profile picture goes from 'fab' to 'drab.' It’s like going to prom without a corsage.

Emma Rose

Mint Sprig (for garnish)

It's like adding a jaunty hat to finish the outfit; it's not just mint, it's a statement. Skip this, and your mocktail loses its final flourish, like a novel without its last chapter.

Alex Green

Recipe. How to make Strawberry Mojito Mocktail Drink

  1. Muddle the strawberries and mint leaves in a glass to release their flavors.
  2. Add the lime juice and simple syrup, and stir well.
  3. Fill the glass with ice cubes.
  4. Pour in the soda water and gently stir to combine.
  5. Garnish with a fresh strawberry and a sprig of mint on the rim of the glass.

Pro Tips

  • To get the most flavor out of your mint, slap the leaves between your hands before adding them to the glass. This will release the essential oils without over muddling and making the drink bitter.
  • Use ripe, sweet strawberries for the best flavor. You can also muddle a few extra strawberries for a more intense fruit taste.
  • Chill your glass beforehand to keep the mocktail cooler for longer.

Perfect Pairings


  • Cheese Platter: A spread of soft cheeses like goat or brie mingles well with the berry and lime tartness.
  • Bruschetta: Toasted bread with fresh tomatoes, basil, and a drizzle of balsamic reduction complements the freshness of the mocktail.
  • Chips and Salsa: The crispness of tortilla chips and the zest of salsa balance the sweet and tangy flavor profile.

Main Courses

  • Grilled Seafood: Grilled shrimp or fish tacos with a lime-infused dressing will echo the citrus notes.
  • Chicken Salad: A light green salad with grilled chicken, strawberries, and vinaigrette dressing pairs nicely.


  • Fruit Sorbet: A light lemon or lime sorbet will be enhanced by the mocktail's refreshing nature.
  • Vanilla or Coconut Panna Cotta: The subtle flavors would not overpower the mocktail's delicate balance.

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What you could change in Strawberry Mojito Mocktail

  • If simple syrup is not available, you can use honey or agave syrup as a sweetener.
  • For a different twist, try using basil instead of mint for an aromatic variation.
  • Club soda can be substituted with any clear carbonated water.

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And of course - twists🍹

Berry-Lemon Mojito Mocktail

Ingredients: Use lemon juice instead of lime, and mixed berries. Recipe: Muddle mixed berries with mint, add lemon juice, simple syrup, and proceed as usual. Flavor: This twist offers a tangier punch, with lemon adding extra zing and the mixed berries providing a berrylicious frenzy.

Tropical Mojito Mocktail

Ingredients: Add pineapple juice and coconut water in place of soda water. Recipe: Muddle strawberries and mint, add lime juice, simple syrup, pineapple juice, top with coconut water, and ice. Flavor: You'll be teleported to a beach cabana, with tropical notes hula dancing around your palate.

Spicy Ginger Mojito Mocktail

Ingredients: Introduce ginger beer (non-alcoholic) in place of soda water, and a dash of cayenne pepper. Recipe: Muddle strawberries and mint, fuse with lime juice, simple syrup, and a timid pinch of cayenne, then top with ginger beer. Flavor: This one's got a zippy, warm kick that'll tickle your taste buds with a ginger-ninja move.

In case you forgot basics how to make Strawberry Mojito Mocktail

The basic composition of simple syrup is relatively straightforward – a 1:1 ratio of sugar and water. This mixture is heated until the sugar dissolves, resulting in a clear, sweet syrup.

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Insert the spoon into the glass until it touches the bottom. Keep the back of the spoon against the inside wall of the glass, and stir in a smooth, circular motion. The goal is to swirl the ice and ingredients together without churning or splashing.

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The key to proper muddling is to crush the ingredients just enough to release their flavors and not overdo it. Over-muddling can result in a bitter taste, especially with herbs.

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Garnishing a bar drink depends on the type of garnish and the cocktail. Generally, it involves preparing the garnish (like cutting a citrus wheel or picking a sprig of mint), and then adding it to the drink in a visually appealing way (like perching it on the rim or floating it on top).

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Frequently Asked Questions on Strawberry Mojito Mocktail

Can I prepare the Strawberry Mojito Mocktail in advance?

You can muddle the strawberries and mint and mix with lime juice and simple syrup ahead of time. Keep this mixture chilled. Add the soda water and ice just before serving to maintain the fizz and freshness.

How can I make this mocktail sweetener-free?

If you prefer a less sweet mocktail or want to avoid sweeteners, you can simply omit the simple syrup or replace it with additional fresh strawberries to maintain some natural sweetness.

Is there anything I can use instead of strawberries for a similar mocktail?

Absolutely, you can use other berries such as raspberries or blackberries for a twist. The taste will be slightly different but still delicious.

Can this mocktail be turned into a cocktail?

Yes, to create an alcoholic version, you can add 1.5 ounces of white rum to the recipe, which will turn it into a traditional Strawberry Mojito.

Is the Strawberry Mojito Mocktail suitable for diabetics?

While this mocktail does contain natural sugars from the fruit and added syrup, it's best for diabetics to consult with a healthcare provider before consuming sweetened beverages.

How can I make this mocktail for a large group?

Multiply the recipe's ingredients by the number of servings you need and prepare it in a large pitcher. Remember to add the soda water and ice just before serving.

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