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Last Updated: January 7, 2024


The Alice In Wonderland cocktail is a whimsical drink inspired by the classic Lewis Carroll novel. It's a fun and fruity cocktail that's perfect for those who enjoy sweet and vibrant drinks. It's a hit at themed parties, especially those with a fantasy or literary twist.

  • Who would like it?

    If you're a fan of sweet, fruity cocktails with a kick, this is the drink for you. It's also perfect for those who enjoy themed cocktails or are fans of the Alice In Wonderland story.

How Alice In Wonderland Tastes?

The Alice In Wonderland cocktail is a delightful blend of sweet, sour, and fruity flavors. The amaretto gives it a sweet, nutty taste, while the peach schnapps adds a fruity punch. The sour mix balances out the sweetness, and the southern comfort adds a smooth, whiskey-like finish.

Interesting facts about Alice In Wonderland

  • The Alice In Wonderland cocktail is named after the classic Lewis Carroll novel.
  • Despite its sweet and fruity taste, it's a strong cocktail with a high alcohol content.
  • It's often served in a highball glass, garnished with a cherry or a slice of lemon.


Amaretto (1 oz)

The sweet, almond-like flavor from amaretto enhances the cocktail with warmth and depth. Too much and it'll overpower the drink, too little and you’d miss out on the lush nuttiness. Without it, your drink loses its enchanting 'marzipan' profile. Frangelico could be a hazelnut-flavored alternative, adding a different nutty twist.

Emma Rose

Peach Schnapps (1 oz)

Peach Schnapps gives a fruit-forward sweetness, crucial for that wonderland magic. It balances the sour mix and gives the cocktail a summery vibe. If omitted, you'd lose a layer of flavor complexity. An alternative like apricot brandy would bring a similar stone-fruit charm but with a little more kick.

Alex Green

Sour Mix (1 oz)

This is the cocktail’s source of bright, tangy acidity that cuts through the sweetness, giving it balance and zest. Too much can be puckering, too little makes the cocktail cloying. No sour mix? Try a homemade concoction of lemon juice and simple syrup for a similar effect.

Mary Mitkina

Southern Comfort (1 oz)

A smooth whiskey liqueur with hints of fruit and spice, Southern Comfort plays a supporting role, adding a little Southern soul to this whimsical mix. Not including it would make the cocktail less complex. Bourbon could substitute for a bolder whiskey presence.

Emma Rose

Garnish: Cherry or Lemon Slice

A cherry adds a touch of elegance and a hint of additional fruitiness. The lemon slice not only decorates but also infuses subtle citrus notes which can be squeezed in for an extra zing. Both embody the playful essence of Alice's adventure.

Alex Green

Recipe. How to make Alice In Wonderland Drink

  1. Fill a shaker with ice cubes.
  2. Add all ingredients into the shaker.
  3. Shake well until the outside of the shaker becomes frosty.
  4. Strain into a highball glass filled with ice cubes.
  5. Garnish with a cherry or a lemon slice.

Pro Tips

  • Make sure to shake the cocktail well to properly mix all the ingredients.
  • Use fresh ice cubes for the best taste.
  • Garnish with a cherry or lemon slice to enhance the presentation.

Perfect Pairings


  • Fruit Platters: The sweet and fruity flavors in the cocktail match well with fresh fruit slices such as apples, pears, or melon.
  • Light Cheese Board: A selection of mild cheeses will complement the nutty notes of amaretto without overwhelming the drink.
  • Crispy Fried Snacks: The acidity in the sour mix can cut through the richness of foods like fried calamari or tempura vegetables.


  • Lemon Sorbet: To echo the refreshing citrus garnish and cleansing the palate between sips.
  • Almond Biscotti: Enhances the sweet almond flavor from the amaretto.
  • Peach Cobbler: Pairs beautifully with the peachy notes from the peach schnapps.

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What you could change in Alice In Wonderland

  • You can substitute the amaretto with almond syrup for a non-alcoholic version.
  • If you don't have peach schnapps, you can use peach juice or peach liqueur.
  • You can replace the sour mix with a combination of lemon juice and simple syrup.

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And of course - twists🍹

Rosemary's Wonderland

Add a sprig of rosemary along with the other ingredients in the shaker. This herbal infusion provides an aromatic, earthy contrast that deepens the whimsy. The rosemary’s piney scent would make you think of the forbidden forest Alice might have stumbled upon!

Tipsy Hatter

Replace Sour Mix with fresh lemon juice and add a teaspoon of honey. This will result in a less artificial and more refined tartness. It's akin to tea time with the Mad Hatter, but with lemon and honey for a sophisticated edge.

Cheshire's Grin

Infuse the amaretto with Earl Grey tea leaves for an hour before making the cocktail. Strain before use. This twist adds a Bergamot twist–a nod to the British origins of Alice’s tale. Every sip would feel like uncovering another riddle!

In case you forgot basics how to make Alice In Wonderland

Add your ingredients to the shaker first, then ice. Fill it up to ¾ of its capacity to ensure enough space for shaking. Hold the shaker with both hands (one on the top and one on the bottom) and shake vigorously. The shake should come from your shoulders, not your wrists.

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Place your chosen strainer on top of the shaker or mixing glass, ensuring a secure fit. Pour the cocktail into a glass through the strainer, which will catch solid ingredients and ice. If double straining, hold the fine mesh strainer between the shaker and the glass.

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Garnishing a bar drink depends on the type of garnish and the cocktail. Generally, it involves preparing the garnish (like cutting a citrus wheel or picking a sprig of mint), and then adding it to the drink in a visually appealing way (like perching it on the rim or floating it on top).

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Frequently Asked Questions on Alice In Wonderland

What is the origin of amaretto?

Amaretto originated in Italy and is a sweet liqueur that is often flavored with almonds, although it may also contain apricots or other fruits.

What is Peach Schnapps?

Peach Schnapps is a sweet, fruit-flavored liqueur made from distilled peaches. It is often used in cocktails to add a peachy flavor and sweetness.

Is the Southern Comfort a bourbon?

Southern Comfort, often known as 'SoCo', is an American fruit-flavored liqueur with fruit and spice accents. Although it was originally created with a whiskey base, it does not currently contain any whiskey.

Are there variations of the Alice in Wonderland cocktail?

There are many variations of the Alice in Wonderland cocktail. Some might include different fruits or liqueurs, others might be served frozen or with different garnishes. The possibilities are endless!

What other cocktails are inspired by literature?

There are many cocktails inspired by literature. For example, the 'Moby Dick', which consists of rum, lime, sugar, and mint, or the 'Romeo and Juliet', a cocktail with gin, campari, and sweet vermouth.

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