21 Cocktails to Warm You This Year

As the chilly weather sets in, warm cocktails become the perfect companion to cozy evenings. Explore our delightful list of warm drinks that will not only tantalize your taste buds but also provide a soothing warmth to your soul. Don't miss out on these deliciously comforting concoctions that are sure to elevate your winter cocktail game.

Warm Cocktails: The Perfect Winter Warmers

Why Warm Cocktails?

There's nothing better than a warm, inviting drink on a cold winter's day. Warm cocktails are perfect for those who crave the comfort of a hot beverage but still want to enjoy the unique flavors and experiences that cocktails provide.

Who Would Love Warm Cocktails?

  • Cold-Weather Enthusiasts: If you love spending your days skiing, snowboarding, or simply taking in the beauty of a winter wonderland, these drinks are perfect to help you unwind after a day of frosty fun.

  • Holiday Party Hosts: Looking to impress your guests at your next holiday gathering? Warm cocktails are a unique and memorable addition to any festive menu.

  • Cocktail Connoisseurs: If you're a fan of trying new and exciting drinks, our list of warm cocktails offers an array of options to expand your palate and experience new flavors.

When to Enjoy Warm Cocktails

  1. Winter Holidays: Warm cocktails are an excellent addition to holiday celebrations, adding a touch of warmth and cheer to your gatherings.

  2. Cozy Nights In: Snuggle up by the fire with a good book or your favorite movie while sipping on a delicious warm cocktail.

  3. Outdoor Adventures: Heading out for a winter hike or hitting the slopes? Pack a thermos of your favorite warm cocktail to enjoy as a mid-adventure treat.

So, go ahead and explore our curated list of warm cocktails, and discover your new favorite winter drink. Cheers!

Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee is a warm, rich, and creamy cocktail with a perfect balance of bitter coffee, sweet sugar, and smooth Irish whiskey. The whipped cream adds a luxurious, velvety texture.

Hot Toddy

The Hot Toddy is a warm, soothing, and comforting cocktail with a perfect balance of sweet, sour, and spicy flavors. The sweetness of honey and the warmth of whiskey are complemented by the tanginess of lemon and the subtle spiciness of cinnamon and cloves.

London Fog

The London Fog cocktail is a delightful blend of sweet, creamy, and slightly citrusy flavors. The Earl Grey tea provides a subtle, floral undertone, while the addition of vanilla and lavender syrup adds a touch of sweetness. The steamed milk gives it a rich, velvety texture, making it a perfect drink for a cozy evening.

Hot Buttered Rum

Hot Buttered Rum has a rich, creamy, and buttery taste with a hint of sweetness from the brown sugar and a warming sensation from the spices and rum. The flavors are well-balanced, making it a perfect winter cocktail.

Sherry Flip

The Sherry Flip has a rich, creamy, and velvety texture with a delicate balance of sweetness and nuttiness from the sherry. It is a smooth and warming drink with a hint of spice from the nutmeg.

Tom and Jerry

The Tom and Jerry cocktail has a rich, creamy taste with a hint of sweetness. The combination of warm milk, sugar, and spices creates a comforting, velvety texture. The addition of rum and brandy gives the drink a warming, boozy kick.


The Bonfire cocktail has a smoky, sweet, and slightly spicy taste. It is a well-balanced drink with a hint of warmth and a smooth finish.

Butter Rum

The Butter Rum cocktail is a rich, creamy, and indulgent drink with a smooth, buttery texture. The sweetness of the rum is balanced by the warmth of the spices, creating a deliciously complex flavor profile.

Dog's Nose

The Dog's Nose cocktail has a unique taste that combines the sweetness of brown sugar, the bitterness of stout beer, and the warmth of gin. It is a well-balanced drink with a smooth, creamy texture and a slightly tangy aftertaste.


Glogg has a warm, spiced, and slightly sweet taste. The combination of red wine, brandy, and spices creates a rich and comforting flavor profile that is perfect for sipping on a cold winter night.


The Gunfire cocktail has a warm, robust, and slightly sweet taste. The strong black tea provides a bold, earthy base, while the rum adds a rich, smooth sweetness. The combination creates a comforting and invigorating drink.

Heart Warmer

The Heart Warmer cocktail has a rich, velvety taste with hints of sweetness and warmth. It is a well-balanced blend of strong, smooth, and slightly spicy flavors.

Hot Apple Pie

The Hot Apple Pie cocktail has a sweet, fruity taste with a hint of warmth from the spices. The apple cider and apple brandy give it a strong apple flavor, while the cinnamon and nutmeg add a subtle spiciness. The whipped cream on top adds a creamy, smooth texture to the drink.

Hot Gold

The Hot Gold cocktail is a harmonious blend of sweet, spicy, and smoky flavors. The warmth of the whiskey is perfectly balanced by the sweetness of the honey and the tangy kick of the lemon juice. The cinnamon and cloves add a touch of spice, while the smoky aroma of the star anise lingers on the palate.

Mexican Coffee

The Mexican Coffee cocktail offers a rich and bold coffee flavor, with a hint of sweetness from the coffee liqueur. The tequila adds a warm and slightly spicy kick, while the whipped cream provides a smooth and creamy finish.

Mulled Wine

Mulled Wine has a warm, sweet, and slightly spicy taste. The combination of red wine, spices, and citrus fruits creates a rich and comforting flavor profile that is perfect for cold winter nights.

Spiked Hot Chocolate

The Spiked Hot Chocolate cocktail is rich, creamy, and sweet with a hint of warmth from the added alcohol. The chocolate and whipped cream create a velvety smooth texture, while the spices and alcohol provide a subtle, warming heat.

Swedish Coffee

The Swedish Coffee cocktail offers a rich, warm, and slightly sweet flavor profile. The combination of strong coffee, Swedish Punsch, and whipped cream creates a smooth and velvety texture, while the addition of cinnamon and nutmeg adds a hint of spice. The overall taste is well-balanced, with the bitterness of the coffee complementing the sweetness of the liqueur and spices.

Moroccan Coffee

This cocktail has a robust coffee flavor with a hint of sweetness from the liqueur. The spices add a unique depth and complexity to the drink, making it warm, aromatic, and slightly spicy. The alcohol is subtle, adding just enough kick without overpowering the other flavors.

Drunk Reindeer

The Drunk Reindeer offers a rich and creamy taste, with a delightful balance of sweet chocolate and a warm, spicy hint from the cinnamon. The vodka provides a smooth kick that elevates the experience without overpowering the other flavors.

Burnt Fuselage

The Burnt Fuselage offers a robust and complex flavor profile. The cognac provides a deep, rich base with hints of oak and vanilla, while the dry vermouth adds a herbal and slightly bitter counterpoint. The Grand Marnier brings a sweet and subtly citrus note, creating a well-rounded and sophisticated taste.

Holiday Hooch

The Holiday Hooch is a rich and indulgent treat. It's sweet with a prominent gingerbread flavor that's perfectly complemented by the robustness of the coffee. The moonshine adds a smooth, yet potent kick, making it a strong and warming beverage.

Angry Irishman

The Angry Irishman is a potent concoction with a smooth, creamy texture. The whiskey provides a warm, spicy kick that's beautifully balanced by the sweetness of the Irish Cream. It's rich, bold, and has a lingering finish that's both comforting and invigorating.

Teddy Bear

The Teddy Bear cocktail offers a sweet and fruity flavor profile with a hint of spice from the cinnamon. It's a warm, comforting drink with a smooth texture, thanks to the pear and cognac liqueur, and a crisp freshness from the apple juice.

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