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Alcohol content:15%

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Nic Polotnianko

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Last Updated: January 16, 2024


The Rum Breeze is a tropical cocktail that embodies the laid-back lifestyle of the Caribbean. Its origins are a bit hazy, but it's believed to have been concocted by beachside bartenders looking to capture the essence of the islands.

  • Popularity: This cocktail is a hit among those who enjoy fruity and refreshing drinks.
  • Occasions: Perfect for summer parties, beach gatherings, or as a relaxing sundowner.
  • Variations: Over time, many variations have emerged, each adding a unique twist to the original recipe.

How Rum Breeze Tastes?

The Rum Breeze offers a delightful blend of sweet and tart flavors, with the cherry and pineapple providing a fruity punch, complemented by the subtle spiciness of ginger ale. The light rum adds a smooth, boozy kick without overpowering the refreshing qualities of the drink.

Interesting facts about Rum Breeze

  • The Rum Breeze is often associated with beach vacations and is a staple in many tropical resorts.
  • Cruzan® Rum, used in this cocktail, hails from the beautiful island of St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • The cocktail's vibrant color and garnish make it not only tasty but also visually appealing.


A few good options for Rum Breeze are:

  • Brockmans
  • Silent Pool Gin
  • Hendrick's Gin

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Cruzan® Black Cherry Rum

The black cherry rum adds a fruity, slightly tart note to the cocktail. If you skip it, you'll miss out on a rich layer that gives the 'breeze' its moreish appeal. The 1 oz measurement is key; too much can make the drink overly sweet, too little and the cherry flavor will be lost at sea.

Mary Mitkina

Cruzan® Aged Light Rum

This is the backbone of the drink. It brings a subtle molasses sweetness and hints of vanilla. Without it, you'll be sailing without a mast. The aged note is more sophisticated than using just any light rum, enhancing the depth of the cocktail.

Alex Green

Pineapple Juice

Two ounces of tropical sunshine, that's what this is. It adds tartness and sweetness, and you really want to have it fresh if possible. Fail to include it, and you might as well be drinking a flat soda at the kids' table. Pineapple juice is irreplaceable, but you could try passion fruit juice for a tangier twist.

Emma Rose

Ginger Ale

A splash to lift the spirits! It adds a light fizz and the ginger provides a sharp contrast to the sweetness of the juices and rum. Without it, the drink would feel a bit one-dimensional. Ginger beer could be used for a spicier kick.

Mary Mitkina

Ice Cubes

Almost as important as the rum itself. It's the arctic explorer of the cocktail world, keeping everything cool and diluting the drink to the perfect strength as it melts.

Alex Green

Lime Twist

The garnish is not just for looks; it adds an aromatic zest when rubbed on the rim and a drop of citrus oil when twisted above the drink. Missing out on this lime twist is like missing out on the cherry on your sundae.

Emma Rose

Recipe. How to make Rum Breeze Drink

  1. Fill a tall glass with ice cubes.
  2. Pour 1 oz of Cruzan® Black Cherry Rum over the ice.
  3. Add 1 oz of Cruzan® Aged Light Rum.
  4. Pour in 2 oz of pineapple juice.
  5. Top with a splash of ginger ale.
  6. Garnish with a lime twist.

Pro Tips

  • Chill the Glass: Before preparing the cocktail, chill the glass to keep the drink cooler for longer.
  • Fresh Juice: Always use fresh pineapple juice for the best flavor.
  • Garnish Placement: Twist the lime peel over the drink to release the oils before dropping it in.

Perfect Pairings


  • Grilled shrimp skewers: The sweetness of the pineapple and cherry flavors in the cocktail will complement the smokey taste of the shrimp.
  • Cheese platter: Specifically choose creamy cheeses like brie or goat cheese to balance the cocktail's sweet and tangy profile.

Main Courses

  • Jerk chicken: The spicy and savory flavors of the chicken are a wonderful contrast to the Rum Breeze's sweetness.
  • Pulled pork sandwiches: The sweetness of the rum can stand up to the rich, savory flavor of the pork.


  • Tropical fruit salad: Echo the pineapple in the cocktail with a mix of mango, papaya, and pineapple in a salad.
  • Coconut-based desserts: Coconut flavors will continue the tropical theme present in the drink.

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What you could change in Rum Breeze

  • Rum: If Cruzan® is not available, any quality black cherry rum and light rum can be used as substitutes.
  • Ginger Ale: For a less sweet option, club soda with a dash of ginger syrup can replace ginger ale.

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And of course - twists🍹

Coconut Rum Breeze

  • Substitute the Black Cherry Rum with Coconut Rum.
  • Include a splash of coconut cream. This twist will take you on a coconut cloud, giving the drink a creamy, tropical profile that's perfect for pretending you're on a beach instead of your backyard.

Spicy Rum Breeze

  • Use ginger beer instead of ginger ale.
  • Add a few slices of fresh jalapeño to the mix before adding the ice. The resulting cocktail is a fiery dance, a perfect mix of sweet, spicy, and bubbly. Not for the faint-hearted, but a clear wake-up call for the taste buds.

Berry Breeze

  • Swap out the pineapple juice for a mix of berry juices (like raspberry and blackberry).
  • Use a lemon twist instead of lime. Sail into a different kind of 'breeze', one that's more Berry Merry than tropical paradise. A bolder, tangier concoction that's as surprising as finding a treasure map at the bottom of your glass.

In case you forgot basics how to make Rum Breeze

Garnishing a bar drink depends on the type of garnish and the cocktail. Generally, it involves preparing the garnish (like cutting a citrus wheel or picking a sprig of mint), and then adding it to the drink in a visually appealing way (like perching it on the rim or floating it on top).

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Frequently Asked Questions on Rum Breeze

What type of glass is best for serving a Rum Breeze cocktail?

A highball or Collins glass is ideal for serving the Rum Breeze, as it provides ample space for ice and garnishes while showcasing the drink's color.

Can I make a large batch of Rum Breeze for a party?

Yes, you can scale up the ingredients proportionally and mix them in a large pitcher or punch bowl. Just add the ginger ale and ice right before serving to maintain carbonation and chill.

Is Rum Breeze suitable for all seasons, or is it just a summer drink?

While the Rum Breeze is perfect for summer due to its refreshing properties, it's also enjoyable year-round, especially in warm climates or at indoor tropical-themed events.

How can I make the Rum Breeze non-alcoholic?

You can create a mocktail version by replacing the rum with additional pineapple juice or a non-alcoholic spirit alternative, and then following the rest of the recipe as usual.

Can I use frozen pineapple juice for the Rum Breeze?

Yes, frozen pineapple juice can be used once thawed, but for the best taste, use freshly squeezed pineapple juice if available.

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