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Nic Polotnianko

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Last Updated: January 7, 2024


The Frankenstein cocktail is a monstrous concoction inspired by Mary Shelley's classic novel, Frankenstein. This eerie drink is perfect for Halloween parties and events, as well as for fans of the horror genre. The cocktail's green hue and unique presentation are sure to catch the eye of any partygoer.

  • The name Frankenstein comes from the novel's protagonist, Dr. Victor Frankenstein, who creates a monstrous creature in his laboratory.
  • The cocktail's green color is reminiscent of the creature's skin, as it is often depicted in popular culture.
  • The Frankenstein cocktail is a favorite among fans of the horror genre and those looking for a spooky drink to serve at Halloween parties.

How Frankenstein Tastes?

The Frankenstein cocktail is a balanced mix of sweet, sour, and slightly bitter flavors. The combination of melon liqueur, lime juice, and ginger beer creates a refreshing and invigorating taste, while the vodka adds a subtle kick.

Interesting facts about Frankenstein

  • The Frankenstein cocktail is often served in a beaker or test tube to enhance its laboratory-inspired theme.
  • The green color of the cocktail is achieved through the use of melon liqueur, which is also responsible for its sweet and fruity flavor.
  • The cocktail's unique presentation and spooky theme make it a popular choice for Halloween parties and events.


A few good options for Frankenstein are:

  • Grey Goose
  • Belvedere
  • Khor
  • Smirnoff

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A few good options for Frankenstein are:

  • Brockmans
  • Silent Pool Gin
  • Hendrick's Gin

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  • Vodka (1.5 oz) is the backbone of the cocktail, providing a clean canvas for the other flavors to shine. Not too much, or you'll start seeing double, and not too little, or Frankenstein won't wake up!

Mary Mitkina

Melon Liqueur

  • Melon Liqueur (1 oz) adds a playful, fruity twist that reminisces of Frankenstein's more vibrant side. Too much might turn the cocktail into a monstrous melon ball, too little and it loses its signature color and flavor.

Alex Green

Fresh Lime Juice

  • Fresh Lime Juice (0.5 oz) cuts through with acidity giving life to the potion like a bolt of lightning. Imagine it's the 'electricity' in the mixture—omit it, and your creation could end up lifeless.

Emma Rose

Ginger Beer

  • Ginger Beer (2 oz) brings a spicy yet sweet fizz to the mix, rustling up the drink like a storm in the night. Not enough, and the drink might seem a bit flat; too much can overshadow the other players with its boldness.

Mary Mitkina


  • Ice is needed to chill the concoction to perfection. Science says that molecules taste better when cold, and who are we to argue with science?

Alex Green

Gummy Worms

  • Gummy Worms (2-3) for garnish add a creepy-crawly charm to the drink and a nod to Dr. Frankenstein's experiments. They're just for fun, so leaving them out won't affect the flavor, but you'll miss out on the theatrics!

Emma Rose

Recipe. How to make Frankenstein Drink

  1. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice.
  2. Add the vodka, melon liqueur, and lime juice to the shaker.
  3. Shake well until chilled and combined.
  4. Strain the mixture into a beaker or test tube filled with fresh ice.
  5. Top with ginger beer and gently stir to combine.
  6. Garnish with gummy worms, draping them over the rim of the glass or allowing them to hang inside the drink.

Pro Tips

  • Chill your glassware beforehand to keep your cocktail colder for longer.
  • Use fresh lime juice for a more vibrant flavor.
  • Don't forget to shake your cocktail vigorously to properly mix the ingredients.

Perfect Pairings


  • Sushi - The clean and fresh flavors of sushi complement the zesty lime and subtle sweetness of the cocktail.
  • Fried Calamari - The crispiness offsets the drink's effervescence, while the umami from the squid harmonizes with the gingery finish.
  • Cheese Platter - A selection of mild cheeses will not overpower the cocktail's flavors.

Main Courses

  • Grilled Chicken Salad - Light and healthy, corresponding with the refreshing nature of the Frankenstein cocktail.
  • Pork Tacos - The natural sweetness of the pork is livened up by the drink's citrus and ginger notes.


  • Lemon Sorbet - A palate cleanser that echoes the zesty profile of the drink.
  • Candied Ginger Desserts - Complimenting the ginger beer's spicy undertones.

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What you could change in Frankenstein

  • Vodka: Can be substituted with white rum or gin for a different flavor profile.
  • Melon Liqueur: If not available, you can use Midori or a homemade melon syrup.
  • Ginger Beer: Can be replaced with ginger ale, but the cocktail will be sweeter and less spicy.

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And of course - twists🍹

Green Monster Mash

  • Change melon liqueur to green apple liqueur for a tart twist. The freshness will make the drink scream with flavor. Stir it up if you dare!

Bride of Frankenstein

  • Add a splash of cranberry juice for a blushing twist. It's like Frankenstein got struck by cupid's arrow. Who says monsters can't find love?


  • Multiply the recipe by ten, toss it all in a big bowl, and add scoops of lime sorbet. Share the monster mash at your next Halloween party. This way, you won't have to spend eternity alone in a dark castle.

In case you forgot basics how to make Frankenstein

Add your ingredients to the shaker first, then ice. Fill it up to ¾ of its capacity to ensure enough space for shaking. Hold the shaker with both hands (one on the top and one on the bottom) and shake vigorously. The shake should come from your shoulders, not your wrists.

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Place your chosen strainer on top of the shaker or mixing glass, ensuring a secure fit. Pour the cocktail into a glass through the strainer, which will catch solid ingredients and ice. If double straining, hold the fine mesh strainer between the shaker and the glass.

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Insert the spoon into the glass until it touches the bottom. Keep the back of the spoon against the inside wall of the glass, and stir in a smooth, circular motion. The goal is to swirl the ice and ingredients together without churning or splashing.

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Garnishing a bar drink depends on the type of garnish and the cocktail. Generally, it involves preparing the garnish (like cutting a citrus wheel or picking a sprig of mint), and then adding it to the drink in a visually appealing way (like perching it on the rim or floating it on top).

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Frequently Asked Questions on Frankenstein

Why is it called 'Frankenstein'?

The cocktail is named after the central character of Mary Shelley's novel, 'Frankenstein' due to its green color and eerie presentation.

What occasion is the Frankenstein cocktail suited for?

This cocktail is perfect for festive occasions, especially Halloween due to its spooky theme. However, it can be enjoyed at any time.

Do I have to use a beaker or test tube to serve this cocktail?

No, you can use a regular glass. However, using a beaker or test tube enhances the laboratory theme of the cocktail.

What is the alcohol content of the Frankenstein cocktail?

The alcohol content will depend on the concentrations of the vodka and melon liqueur used. However, it's typically on the stronger side.

Is the gummy worm garnish essential?

The gummy worm garnish adds to the fun and festive theme, however, it's not essential to the taste of the cocktail.

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