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Last Updated: January 7, 2024


The Cinnamon Toast cocktail is a delicious and warming drink that has its roots in the cold winter months. It is believed to have been created by bartenders who wanted to offer their patrons a comforting and festive beverage during the holiday season. This cocktail is perfect for those who love the combination of cinnamon and creamy flavors.

  • Origin: Unknown, but likely created during the holiday season
  • Popularity: Most popular during winter months
  • Ideal for: Those who enjoy warm, comforting flavors

How Cinnamon Toast Tastes?

The Cinnamon Toast cocktail is a delightful mix of sweet, creamy, and spicy flavors. The cinnamon adds a warm and comforting taste, while the cream liqueur provides a rich and velvety texture. The overall flavor is well-balanced and not too overpowering.

Interesting facts about Cinnamon Toast

  • The Cinnamon Toast cocktail is often served as a dessert drink or nightcap
  • The cinnamon flavor in this cocktail is reminiscent of the popular breakfast cereal, Cinnamon Toast Crunch
  • The cocktail can be served either hot or cold, depending on personal preference


Cinnamon Schnapps

Cinnamon schnapps adds both warmth and a spicy kick, making it the centerpiece of this toasty concoction. At 1 oz, it’s balanced enough to not overpower the creaminess of the liqueur. Skip it, and you’ll miss out on the fiery heart of the drink. No schnapps, no Cinnamon Toast!

Mary Mitkina

Cream Liqueur

The cream liqueur offers a velvety backdrop that melds with the schnapps. At 1 oz, it equals the schnapps, thus maintaining harmony. Drop the cream, and you lose the luscious texture. It would be like eating cinnamon toast without the butter!

Mary Mitkina

Whipped Cream

A dollop of whipped cream is the cloud-like topping that adds a playful element. It’s the visual 'cherry on top' and adds an extra creaminess which if omitted, would make your cocktail feel underdressed. It's like leaving your house without your hat on a cold day!

Alex Green

Cinnamon Stick

The cinnamon stick isn’t just a garnish; it's an aromatic wand that infuses more cinnamon goodness with every sip. It’s the magic stick that stirs the pot of flavor. Without it, the drink just loses a little magic.

Mary Mitkina

Ground Cinnamon

The pinch of ground cinnamon is the final flourish, a sprinkle of spice that adds aroma and a complex top note. It ties together all the elements, so without it, your cocktail might feel a little one-dimensional.

Mary Mitkina

Recipe. How to make Cinnamon Toast Drink

  1. In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, combine the cinnamon schnapps and cream liqueur
  2. Shake well until chilled and well-mixed
  3. Strain the mixture into a chilled cocktail glass
  4. Top with a dollop of whipped cream
  5. Garnish with a cinnamon stick and a sprinkle of ground cinnamon

Pro Tips

  • Use fresh ingredients: Freshly whipped cream and a new cinnamon stick can make a big difference in the taste.
  • Chill your glass: A chilled glass will keep your cocktail cooler for longer and enhance the flavor.
  • Shake well: Make sure to shake the cocktail well to properly mix the ingredients and chill the drink.

Perfect Pairings


  • Apple Pie: A traditional favorite that pairs wonderfully with the cinnamon flavors.
  • Pumpkin Cheesecake: The creamy texture complements the cream liqueur in the cocktail.
  • Vanilla Ice Cream: Simple yet perfect for enhancing the sweet and spicy notes of the drink.


  • Espresso: The strong coffee flavor pairs well with the sweet and spicy notes of the cocktail.
  • Café Latte: The creaminess of the latte goes hand in hand with the creamy elements of the Cinnamon Toast cocktail.

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What you could change in Cinnamon Toast

  • Cinnamon schnapps: Can be replaced with any other cinnamon-flavored liqueur.
  • Cream liqueur: If you don't have cream liqueur, you can use half-and-half mixed with a bit of vanilla extract.
  • Whipped cream: You can use a dairy-free alternative if you're lactose intolerant.

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And of course - twists🍹

Apple Crisp Twist

  • Substitute cream liqueur with apple-flavored liqueur
  • Recipe: Follow the original recipe replacing cream liqueur with apple-flavored liqueur. This will imbue the drink with a fruity, crisp apple flavor that’s reminiscent of apple cinnamon pie.
  • Descriptive taste: Expect a harmony of sweet, tart apple with the warm embrace of cinnamon.

Spicy Ginger Toast

  • Add 0.5 oz of ginger liqueur
  • Recipe: Include ginger liqueur in the shaker. This addition brings a zesty, spicy twist that’ll mingle tantalizingly with the smooth cinnamon.
  • Descriptive taste: Get ready for a kick of ginger that’ll spice up the night in every sip!

Chocolate Cinnarific

  • Include 0.5 oz of chocolate syrup
  • Recipe: Drizzle chocolate syrup into the glass before pouring in the shaken ingredients. It’ll create a chocolatey layer that beautifully complements the cinnamon and cream.
  • Descriptive taste: A decadent treat, layering chocolate with spiced cinnamon – sweet dreams are made of this!

In case you forgot basics how to make Cinnamon Toast

Add your ingredients to the shaker first, then ice. Fill it up to ¾ of its capacity to ensure enough space for shaking. Hold the shaker with both hands (one on the top and one on the bottom) and shake vigorously. The shake should come from your shoulders, not your wrists.

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Place your chosen strainer on top of the shaker or mixing glass, ensuring a secure fit. Pour the cocktail into a glass through the strainer, which will catch solid ingredients and ice. If double straining, hold the fine mesh strainer between the shaker and the glass.

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Garnishing a bar drink depends on the type of garnish and the cocktail. Generally, it involves preparing the garnish (like cutting a citrus wheel or picking a sprig of mint), and then adding it to the drink in a visually appealing way (like perching it on the rim or floating it on top).

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Frequently Asked Questions on Cinnamon Toast

Is this cocktail suitable for vegans?

No, the Cinnamon Toast cocktail is not suitable for vegans due to the use of dairy ingredients. However, substitutions can be made such as using a dairy-free cream alternative.

Is it safe to consume alcohol with medications?

Concurrent alcohol and medication use can lead to harmful drug interactions. Always consult with a healthcare provider.

Can I make a non-alcoholic version of this cocktail?

Yes, you can substitute the alcohol with non-alcoholic alternatives such as cinnamon and vanilla flavored syrups.

What kind of glasses are typically used to serve this cocktail?

It's commonly served in a cocktail glass, sometimes also referred to as a martini glass, but you could also use whatever glassware you have on hand.

Is there a specific time of the day it is recommended to drink the Cinnamon Toast cocktail?

While there's no 'best' time, it's often enjoyed as a nightcap or dessert drink due to its creamy, comforting characteristics.

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