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Last Updated: January 7, 2024


The Squashed Frog is a popular party shot known for its distinctive layered look and sweet taste. It's a hit at bars and parties, especially around Halloween due to its somewhat ghoulish appearance.

  • Origin: The exact origin of the Squashed Frog is a bit murky, but it's believed to have been created as a fun and visually appealing shot for party-goers.
  • Popularity: It's particularly popular among those who enjoy sweet and creamy liqueurs.
  • Audience: This shot is often favored by younger adults who are looking for a fun and Instagrammable drink.

How Squashed Frog Tastes?

The Squashed Frog shot offers a sweet and creamy flavor with a hint of fruitiness from the Midori. The advocaat provides a rich, eggy layer, while the raspberry cordial adds a touch of tartness. The Baileys gives it a smooth finish.

Interesting facts about Squashed Frog

  • The name 'Squashed Frog' comes from the shot's green and red layers, which humorously resemble a frog that's met an untimely end.
  • Despite its name, the shot is known for its pleasant taste rather than any association with actual frogs.
  • It's a popular choice for themed parties, particularly those that call for a bit of whimsy or a Halloween twist.



Midori, with its vivid green hue and sweet melon flavor, serves as the base of our squishy specimen. It's half an ounce, the perfect amount to establish a base without overwhelming your taste buds. If you skip out on Midori, you'll miss the amphibious aesthetic and the refreshing fruitiness. No Midori, no froggy! Think about substituting with another melon liqueur, but remember, that could alter the drink's signature green glow.

Alex Green


Advocaat, a rich and velvety egg-based liqueur, gives the drink a layered look and adds a custardy dimension. A quarter ounce provides just enough to create our froggy's 'egg-squisite' body without turning the shot into a dessert. Go without, and you lose the creamy texture and the visual effect. A potential alternative? Try a vanilla cream liqueur, but beware, you might end up with a vanilla frog instead of a squashed one.

Mary Mitkina

Raspberry Cordial

A mere droplet of raspberry cordial simulates the 'gory' heart of the frog. Its tart sweetness contrasts with the melon and creamy flavors, and without it, the shot lacks its 'bloody' punch. Substitute it with grenadine for a similar color effect, but the taste might lean more towards pomegranate than raspberry.

Emma Rose

Baileys Irish Cream

To cap it all off, a gentle float of Baileys adds a smooth finish and represents the squashed aspect with aplomb. A quarter ounce is just enough for a final layer that's neither too thick nor too thin, like the perfect blanket for our froggy friend. If you leave out the Baileys, you're squashing the dream! An alternative? Try any Irish cream, just make sure it's not too watery, or your frog might get washed away.

Alex Green

Recipe. How to make Squashed Frog Drink

  1. Pour 0.5 oz of Midori into a shot glass.
  2. Carefully float 0.25 oz of advocaat on top of the Midori.
  3. Add a drop of raspberry cordial to the center.
  4. Float 0.25 oz of Baileys Irish Cream on top to finish.

Pro Tips

  • When layering the ingredients, pour them slowly over the back of a spoon to achieve clear, distinct layers.
  • Chill the ingredients beforehand to help them layer more easily and to serve the shot cold.
  • Use a dropper or a straw to add the raspberry cordial precisely in the middle for the best visual effect.

Perfect Pairings

Food Pairings

  • Cheese Platter: A variety of cheeses, especially those with creamier textures like Brie or Camembert, complement the creamy and fruity notes of the Squashed Frog shot.
  • Dark Chocolate: The richness of dark chocolate pairs nicely with the sweet and herbal flavors of the Midori and the creamy layers in the shot.
  • Fresh Fruit: Fresh berries or tropical fruits can accentuate the fruitiness of the shot and offer a refreshing contrast.

Drink Pairings

  • Coffee: A strong, black coffee can provide a bold contrast to the sweet creaminess of the shot.
  • Sparkling Water: A palate-cleansing sparkling water complements the shot's sweetness and helps cleanse the palate between tastings.

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What you could change in Squashed Frog

  • Midori: Can be substituted with any melon liqueur if Midori is not available.
  • Advocaat: If you can't find advocaat, a similar egg-based liqueur like Warninks Advocaat can be used.
  • Raspberry cordial: Raspberry syrup or grenadine can be used as an alternative, though the flavor profile will change slightly.
  • Baileys Irish Cream: Any Irish cream liqueur will do, but Baileys is preferred for its creaminess and flavor.

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And of course - twists🍹

Nutty Frog

  • Swap Midori for Frangelico to give the shot a nutty hazelnut flavor.
  • Keep the advocaat and raspberry cordial for a fruity touch with a hint of nuttiness.
  • Top with a float of Baileys to keep the creamy finish. The Nutty Frog will leap out with a sweet and smooth hazelnut twist, feeling like a crunchy woodland adventure in a glass.

Berry Squashed Frog

  • Start with Chambord instead of Midori for a deep berry base.
  • Use advocaat for the rich texture.
  • Introduce blue curacao with the raspberry cordial for a vibrant color and citrus kick.
  • Finish with Baileys for creaminess. With a squashed berry vibe, this twist brings a berry patch feeling, with sweet, tart and citrus notes bounding together.

Exotic Frog

  • Use tropical Passoã passion fruit liqueur instead of Midori.
  • Combine with advocaat for a creamy contrast.
  • Keep the raspberry cordial for a touch of tartness.
  • Top with coconut cream instead of Baileys to embody the tropics. This version will make you hop to a sandy beach with its exotic passion fruit and coconut blend—a true tropical escape in a shot glass.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Squashed Frog

How should I serve the Squashed Frog shot?

The Squashed Frog shot is best served in a standard shot glass at a cool temperature. You don't need to store it in the freezer, but chilling the ingredients before preparing the shot can enhance its flavor and layering effect.

Is the Squashed Frog suitable for vegetarians?

While the Squashed Frog shot does not contain meat, it includes advocaat, which is an egg-based liqueur. Vegetarians who consume eggs might find it suitable, but vegans should avoid it or seek plant-based alternatives for the egg liqueur.

Can I prepare the Squashed Frog in large quantities for a party?

Yes, you can scale up the ingredients proportionally to create a batch of the Squashed Frog shots for a party. However, remember to layer each shot individually to maintain the visual appeal.

Is the Squashed Frog shot strong?

The Squashed Frog is considered a mild to moderate strength shot due to its mixture of liqueurs and creamy ingredients which balance out the alcohol content.

Can I use a different type of glass to serve the Squashed Frog shot?

While the standard shot glass is recommended for its visual presentation, you can serve the Squashed Frog in any small glass, such as a cordial glass or a miniature tumbler, as long as you can maintain the layered effect.

How long does it take to master the technique of layering for the Squashed Frog shot?

Layering liquors is a skill that can be learned relatively quickly with practice. After a few tries, most people are able to create clear, distinct layers for their Squashed Frog shots.

Is the Squashed Frog available at most bars?

The Squashed Frog is a popular shot that can be found at many bars, especially those with a large selection of liqueurs and creative cocktail menus.

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