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Last Updated: January 16, 2024


The Long Island Iced Tea is a classic cocktail that traditionally combines multiple spirits with a splash of cola, creating a potent mix that resembles iced tea. The non-alcoholic version, however, is designed to mimic the flavor without the alcohol, making it suitable for teetotalers, designated drivers, and anyone who enjoys the taste of a good cocktail minus the buzz.

  • Popularity: This mocktail is popular among people of all ages who want to enjoy social gatherings without consuming alcohol.
  • Origin: The non-alcoholic version likely originated as part of the growing trend of mocktails, allowing more inclusive beverage options.
  • Ideal for: It's perfect for summer barbecues, family-friendly parties, or any occasion where you might want a refreshing, complex drink without alcohol.

How Non-Alcoholic Long Island Iced Tea Tastes?

The Non-Alcoholic Long Island Iced Tea has a complex, layered taste that is sweet, tangy, and slightly bitter, closely resembling the flavor profile of its alcoholic counterpart. The combination of tea, citrus, and cola flavors creates a refreshing and satisfying drink.

Interesting facts about Non-Alcoholic Long Island Iced Tea

  • The original Long Island Iced Tea was created in the 1970s and is known for its deceptive resemblance to non-alcoholic iced tea despite its high alcohol content.
  • Mocktails like the Non-Alcoholic Long Island Iced Tea are gaining popularity as people become more health-conscious and seek out social drinking alternatives.
  • The mocktail version can be enjoyed at any time of the day without the worry of intoxication or next-day hangovers.


  • Black tea: 4 oz(120ml)
  • Lemon juice: 0.5 oz(15ml)
  • Lime juice: 0.5 oz(15ml)
  • Simple syrup: 1 oz(30ml)
  • Cola: 2 oz(60ml)
  • Lemon slice: 1
  • Garnish: Mint Sprig:1

Black Tea (4 oz):

The foundation of our mocktail, black tea brings the robust flavor typically associated with alcoholic spirits in the original recipe. It's strong enough to hold up against the other components. Use less, and you might find your drink falling flat; too much could overpower your taste buds.

Emma Rose

Lemon Juice (0.5 oz):

This citrus zing adds a crisp freshness that lifts the entire concoction. It's all about balance—too little and the drink is too sweet; too much and your face curls up like you just sucked a lemon.

Alex Green

Lime Juice (0.5 oz):

The lime juice works in cahoots with the lemon to keep the flavor profile zesty and bright. It can quickly become a lime-light hog, though—too much and it bulldozes over the other flavors, too little and the mocktail misses a beat.

Mary Mitkina

Simple Syrup (1 oz):

Sweet simplicity! This is the smooth talker that balances out the tartness of lemon and lime. Not enough, and your puckered lips may never forgive you; too much can lead to a cloying sweetness that makes you feel like you're drinking pancake syrup.

Emma Rose

Cola (2 oz):

Cola is the curtain call, adding a caramel backdrop and giving the drink its signature tea color. It also adds that familiar fizzy charm. Skimp on it, and your mocktail might lack body; too much, and you're in a soda pop stand, not sipping on a crafted mocktail.

Alex Green

Lemon Slice:

The garnish that nods to the citrus within and adds a touch of class. Without it, you'll survive, but why miss out on those Instagram-worthy snaps?

Mary Mitkina

Mint Sprig:

Not just a pretty face, it adds an aroma that invites your senses to the party before you even take a sip. No mint? Your mocktail will still taste great, but that's like going to a party and forgetting to wear your funkiest dancing shoes.

Emma Rose

Recipe. How to make Non-Alcoholic Long Island Iced Tea Drink

  1. Fill a shaker with ice.
  2. Pour in the black tea, lemon juice, lime juice, and simple syrup.
  3. Shake well until the mixture is chilled.
  4. Strain into a highball glass filled with ice.
  5. Top with cola.
  6. Garnish with a lemon slice and a sprig of mint.
  7. Serve with a straw and enjoy!

Pro Tips

  • To enhance the tea flavor, consider brewing the tea stronger than usual.
  • Chill the glass beforehand to keep the drink colder for longer.
  • Adjust the sweetness by varying the amount of simple syrup according to your taste.

Perfect Pairings

Appetizers: The refreshing nature of this mocktail pairs beautifully with light appetizers such as bruschetta, spring rolls, or a caprese salad. The acidity will cut through the fat of cheeses and complement the freshness of tomatoes and basil.

Main Courses: Because this drink has a balance of sweetness and acidity, it's perfect to accompany grilled chicken, seafood dishes, or a veggie burger. The mocktail's robust flavor stands up to rich barbecue sauces or zesty seasonings.

Desserts: Try enjoying this mocktail with a lemon tart or lime sorbet to echo its citrus notes. It can also provide a nice counterpoint to the sweetness of a caramel dessert or chocolate mousse.

Snacks: Opt for salted nuts, pretzels, or popcorn. The contrast between the salty snacks and the sweetness of the mocktail makes for a delightful treat.

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What you could change in Non-Alcoholic Long Island Iced Tea

  • If you don't have simple syrup, you can use sugar or honey to taste.
  • For a caffeine-free version, use decaffeinated black tea.
  • Instead of cola, try ginger ale or a splash of lemon-lime soda for a different twist.

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And of course - twists🍹

Sparkling Herbal Bliss: Replace cola with sparkling water and add a dash of your favorite herbal simple syrup (like rosemary or thyme) for an effervescent take on the classic. The aroma of herbs will complement the tea base in a surprising, garden-fresh way.

Tropical LIT: Substitute the black tea for a tropical-flavored tea (like mango or passionfruit) and top off with ginger beer instead of cola. Take a sip and be instantly whisked away to an island paradise, with zesty ginger giving a cheeky kick.

Peachy Iced Tea: Add peach nectar to the black tea base and use peach-flavored sparkling water instead of cola. This will result in a sweeter, fruitier version that could make Georgia peaches jealous of your glass.

In case you forgot basics how to make Non-Alcoholic Long Island Iced Tea

The basic composition of simple syrup is relatively straightforward – a 1:1 ratio of sugar and water. This mixture is heated until the sugar dissolves, resulting in a clear, sweet syrup.

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Add your ingredients to the shaker first, then ice. Fill it up to ¾ of its capacity to ensure enough space for shaking. Hold the shaker with both hands (one on the top and one on the bottom) and shake vigorously. The shake should come from your shoulders, not your wrists.

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Place your chosen strainer on top of the shaker or mixing glass, ensuring a secure fit. Pour the cocktail into a glass through the strainer, which will catch solid ingredients and ice. If double straining, hold the fine mesh strainer between the shaker and the glass.

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Garnishing a bar drink depends on the type of garnish and the cocktail. Generally, it involves preparing the garnish (like cutting a citrus wheel or picking a sprig of mint), and then adding it to the drink in a visually appealing way (like perching it on the rim or floating it on top).

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Frequently Asked Questions on Non-Alcoholic Long Island Iced Tea

Can I make a large batch of Non-Alcoholic Long Island Iced Tea ahead of time?

Absolutely. You can mix all the ingredients except the cola and garnishes in advance and keep it chilled. Add the cola and garnishes just before serving to maintain the fizzy texture and fresh appearance.

Is this mocktail suitable for children?

Yes, it's a non-alcoholic drink, so it's suitable for children. However, be mindful of the caffeine content from the black tea if serving to kids.

What can I use if I want to avoid sugars altogether?

You can substitute the simple syrup with a sugar-free alternative like stevia or omit it altogether if you prefer a less sweet beverage.

How can I adjust this recipe to serve it at a brunch?

For a brunch setting, you might want to replace the cola with sparkling water or club soda for a lighter feel, and possibly add a splash of fresh orange juice for a morning-appropriate twist.

Why is it called Long Island Iced Tea when there's no alcohol?

The name comes from its resemblance in taste and appearance to the alcoholic Long Island Iced Tea cocktail, even though this mocktail version doesn't contain any alcohol.

Can I use bottled tea instead of brewing black tea?

Yes, you can use bottled unsweetened black tea as a time-saving alternative. However, freshly brewed tea may provide a more authentic flavor.

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