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Last Updated: January 7, 2024


The New York Bomb is a shot that captures the essence of the city it's named after: bold and unapologetic. It's a favorite among those who seek a quick, powerful buzz with a touch of class.

  • Origins: While its exact origins are unclear, it's believed to have been concocted by bartenders looking to give their patrons a taste of New York's vibrant nightlife.
  • Popularity: It's particularly popular during celebrations and as a pre-game shot.
  • Audience: This shot is best suited for those who appreciate the finer spirits but also enjoy the casual nature of beer.

How New York Bomb Tastes?

The New York Bomb offers a robust and warming flavor from the cognac, combined with the crisp and refreshing finish of lager beer. It's a juxtaposition of strong and smooth, with a rich complexity.

Interesting facts about New York Bomb

  • The shot is a variation of the classic 'bomb' shot, where a shot glass is dropped into a larger glass of beer.
  • Cognac, used in this shot, is a type of brandy that comes from the Cognac region in France, known for its quality.
  • Despite its name, the New York Bomb can be enjoyed in bars worldwide, not just in New York.


  • Cognac: 2 oz(60ml)
  • Lager beer: 4 oz(120ml)


  • Why 2 oz?: It's the sweet spot for a good kick without overpowering the beer. More, and you're in hangover territory; less, and the lager might overshadow it.
  • Flavor Enhancement: Cognac adds a touch of vanilla, oak, and nuttiness that beautifully complements the maltiness of lager.
  • Without It: You’re just drinking beer! And that's no bomb.
  • Alternatives: Try whiskey or rum if you fancy a different type of warmth. Whiskey brings more bite; rum adds sweetness.

Mary Mitkina

Lager Beer

  • Why 4 oz?: Enough to cushion the drop and give a nice gulp of refreshment, but not so much that it dilutes the cognac's charm.
  • Flavor Enhancement: The crispness counters the strong and rich cognac, balancing the experience.
  • Without It: Dropping cognac into an empty glass is a surefire party foul.
  • Alternatives: A darker beer like ale intensifies the richness, while a lighter beer like pilsner makes for a more refreshing drop.

Mary Mitkina

Recipe. How to make New York Bomb Drink

  1. Chill the beer: Make sure the lager beer is chilled to perfection.
  2. Measure the cognac: Pour 2 oz of cognac into a shot glass.
  3. Prepare the beer: Fill a pint glass halfway with 4 oz of lager beer.
  4. The Drop: Carefully drop the shot glass of cognac into the pint of beer.
  5. Enjoy: Drink immediately after the shot glass hits the beer.

Pro Tips

  • Glassware: Use a sturdy pint glass to avoid any potential breakage when dropping the shot glass in.
  • Timing: Drop the shot glass from a low height to prevent splashing and ensure a good mix.
  • Consumption: Drink it quickly after dropping the shot glass to experience the full effect and prevent the beer from foaming over.

Perfect Pairings

Food Pairings

  • Spicy Pub Snacks: Complements the warmth of cognac with a nice contrast to the crisp lager.
  • Burger and Fries: A classic American combo that stands up to the strong flavors in a New York Bomb.
  • Buffalo Wings: The heat from the wings mingles perfectly with the depth of the shot.

Drink Pairings

  • Chilled Water: To cleanse the palate between each New York Bomb shot.
  • Non-alcoholic Ginger Beer: Spicy ginger flavors to refresh after the bold shot.

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What you could change in New York Bomb

  • Cognac: If cognac is not available, a good quality brandy can be used as a substitute.
  • Lager Beer: Any light beer or ale can replace the lager if needed, though the taste profile may change slightly.

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And of course - twists🍹

The Big Apple Bomb

  • Swap out cognac for apple brandy.
  • Follow the original steps.
  • Taste Change: Adds an apple tartness that dances with the beer's hops. It's a New York orchard in your mouth!

The Bourbon Street Bomb

  • Substitute cognac with bourbon whiskey.
  • Follow the original steps.
  • Taste Change: Expect a sweeter, more caramel-like affair, with a Southern twist that'll make you feel like you're partying in New Orleans.

The Maple Leaf Bomb

  • Replace cognac with Canadian maple whiskey.
  • Follow the original steps.
  • Taste Change: A hint of maple will sweeten the deal, perfect for autumnal evenings or Canada Day celebrations.

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Frequently Asked Questions on New York Bomb

What glassware is recommended for making a New York Bomb?

Typically, a standard pint glass and a shot glass are recommended. The pint glass holds the beer, and the shot glass holds the cognac.

Can I make a non-alcoholic version of the New York Bomb?

While the New York Bomb is traditionally alcoholic, you can mimic the experience by using a non-alcoholic brandy and a non-alcoholic beer. The effect, however, will be quite different.

Is it safe to drop glass into glass? What precautions should I take?

While the dropping of a shot glass into a pint glass is part of making a 'bomb' shot, it should be done very carefully to avoid breakage. Dropping from a low height is recommended.

How quickly should you drink the New York Bomb after combining the ingredients?

The New York Bomb should be consumed immediately after the shot glass is dropped into the beer to enjoy the full effervescence and flavor combination.

Can the New York Bomb be considered a cocktail?

While it shares similarities with cocktails, it's more accurately categorized as a 'bomb shot' due to the way it's prepared and consumed.

How can I reduce the foam when dropping the shot into the beer?

To reduce foaming, pour the beer gently to retain minimal carbonation, and drop the shot in slowly from a close distance.

Is it possible to batch prepare New York Bombs for a party?

Batch preparation is not recommended for the New York Bomb as the drink is meant to be enjoyed fresh and the experience of the 'drop' is part of the enjoyment.

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