You've Seen The "Ginger Ale" Trend, Right? If Not, Here are 16 Spicy Cocktails for You

Discover the refreshing world of ginger ale cocktails, perfect for any occasion. These delightful drinks offer a unique twist on classic cocktails, making them a must-try for any enthusiast. Elevate your next gathering with these fizzy, flavorsome concoctions!

Ginger Ale Cocktails: A Refreshing Take on Classic Drinks

Ginger ale, a carbonated beverage infused with the zesty flavors of ginger, is a fantastic addition to a variety of cocktails. The fizzy, slightly sweet, and mildly spicy profile of ginger ale pairs perfectly with a range of spirits, making it a versatile mixer that can elevate your favorite drinks.

Who Would Love Ginger Ale Cocktails?

  • Cocktail enthusiasts who are keen on exploring new and exciting flavor combinations
  • Party hosts looking to impress their guests with a unique selection of drinks
  • Ginger ale fans who want to enjoy their favorite beverage in a more sophisticated way
  • Anyone seeking a refreshing and flavorful alternative to traditional cocktails

When to Enjoy Ginger Ale Cocktails

  1. At social gatherings
    • Ginger ale cocktails are perfect for sharing with friends at parties, barbecues, or casual get-togethers
  2. During the warmer months
    • The refreshing fizz and zesty flavors make these drinks ideal for sipping on a hot summer day
  3. As a pre-dinner aperitif
    • The light and bubbly nature of ginger ale cocktails can stimulate the appetite and set the tone for a delicious meal
  4. For a cozy night in
    • Mix up a ginger ale cocktail to enjoy while curled up on the couch with your favorite movie or book

So, dive into the world of ginger ale cocktails and experience the delightful fusion of classic drinks with a fizzy, zesty twist. Cheers!

Pimm's Cup

The Pimm's Cup is a refreshing, fruity, and slightly sweet cocktail with a hint of bitterness from the Pimm's No. 1. It has a light and crisp taste, perfect for warm summer days.

Horse's Neck

The Horse's Neck cocktail is a refreshing, slightly sweet, and tangy drink with a hint of spiciness from the ginger ale. The bourbon or brandy adds warmth and depth to the flavor, making it a well-balanced and satisfying cocktail.

Gin Buck

The Gin Buck is a refreshing, slightly sweet, and tangy cocktail with a hint of spiciness from the ginger ale. The gin adds a subtle herbal and citrusy note, making it a well-balanced and easy-to-drink beverage.

Cognac Highball

The Cognac Highball is a smooth, refreshing, and slightly sweet cocktail with a hint of spice from the ginger ale. The rich, fruity flavors of the cognac are perfectly balanced by the effervescence of the ginger ale, creating a delightful and sophisticated drinking experience.

Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman cocktail is a harmonious blend of sweet, sour, and slightly bitter flavors. It has a strong, yet smooth, taste with a hint of citrus and a warming sensation from the rum.

Ginger Highball

The Ginger Highball has a well-balanced taste that is both sweet and spicy. The whiskey provides a warm, rich flavor, while the ginger ale adds a refreshing, effervescent kick. The combination of flavors creates a light, crisp, and invigorating cocktail.

Ginger Rogers

The Ginger Rogers cocktail offers a refreshing, slightly spicy, and subtly sweet taste. The combination of ginger and mint creates a unique and invigorating flavor, while the gin and lemon juice add a touch of tartness and complexity.

Green Dragon

The Green Dragon cocktail is a delightful combination of sweet, sour, and slightly bitter flavors. The drink is well-balanced, with a refreshing and invigorating taste that is perfect for those who enjoy a little adventure in their cocktails.


The Presbyterian cocktail is a well-balanced, refreshing, and slightly effervescent drink. It has a subtle sweetness from the ginger ale, a gentle warmth from the whiskey, and a hint of tartness from the lemon juice. The overall flavor profile is light, crisp, and invigorating.

Shirley Temple

The Shirley Temple cocktail is sweet, refreshing, and slightly tangy. The combination of ginger ale, grenadine, and lemon-lime soda creates a delightful balance of flavors that is both satisfying and thirst-quenching.


The Wimbledon cocktail is a delightful mix of fruity, sweet, and slightly bitter flavors. The Pimm's adds a herbal and spicy touch, while the strawberries and mint provide a refreshing and juicy sweetness. The lemon juice and ginger ale give it a zesty and effervescent finish, making it a perfect summer drink.

Witch's Brew

The Witch's Brew cocktail is a delightful mix of sweet, sour, and fruity flavors, with a hint of herbal and earthy undertones. The combination of ingredients creates a well-balanced and enchanting taste that is both refreshing and invigorating.


The Zaragoza cocktail has a perfect balance of sweet, sour, and bitter flavors. It is a refreshing and light drink with a hint of fruitiness, making it an ideal choice for warm summer evenings.

Ginger Mocktail

The Ginger Mocktail is a refreshing, zesty, and slightly spicy drink with a hint of sweetness. The combination of ginger, citrus, and soda creates a well-balanced and invigorating flavor profile.


The Kiddie Cocktail is a sweet, fizzy, and refreshing drink. The grenadine gives it a fruity, cherry-like flavor, while the ginger ale adds a bubbly, crisp, and slightly spicy kick.

Paradise Punch

The Paradise Punch is a delightful symphony of flavors. It's sweet, with the grenadine and pineapple juice providing a sugary base, while the orange juice adds a citrusy zest. The ginger ale gives it a fizzy lift, and the combination of Amaretto, Southern Comfort, and vodka creates a smooth but potent backbone that ensures this punch has just enough punch.

Electric Melon

The Electric Melon cocktail is a delightful mix of sweet and tangy flavors with a subtle kick from the vodka. The melon and peach schnapps provide a fruity and sugary base, while the orange juice adds a citrusy zest. The grenadine offers a hint of tartness and a pop of color, and the ginger ale gives it a refreshing fizz.

Shirley Temple Mocktail

The Shirley Temple Mocktail is sweet and bubbly with a hint of citrus from the lime juice. It's a refreshing drink with a vibrant red hue that comes from the grenadine.

Big Ginger

The Big Ginger cocktail offers a harmonious balance between the warmth of whiskey and the crisp, spicy kick of ginger ale. It's a refreshing concoction that's slightly sweet with a gentle carbonation that tickles the palate. The citrus from the lime and lemon wedges adds a subtle tartness, making it an invigorating and approachable drink.

Nancy Drew

The Nancy Drew cocktail offers a crisp and invigorating taste. The white rum provides a smooth, slightly sweet base, while the ginger ale adds a sparkling zestiness. The lime juice brings a tangy edge, making the drink a well-balanced mix of sweet, sour, and bubbly.

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