2 Umami cocktails you can make in minutes!

Dive into the savory side of mixology with our 'umami' cocktails. Perfect for the adventurous palate, these drinks offer a unique twist on your typical night out. Experience a flavor profile that stands out from the crowd and tantalizes your taste buds like never before.

Unveiling Umami in Cocktails

Umami, the fifth taste, often described as savory or meaty, has made its way from the culinary world into the art of cocktail making. The incorporation of umami into drinks creates a complex and deeply satisfying experience, perfect for those who crave a departure from the sweet and sour norms of traditional cocktails.

Who Would Love Umami Cocktails?

  • Adventurous Drinkers: If you're someone who enjoys exploring new flavor territories, umami cocktails will be a revelation.
  • Foodies: Those with a palate for gourmet experiences will appreciate the culinary twist these drinks bring to the table (or the bar!)

When to Enjoy Umami Cocktails?

  • Dinner Parties: Impress your guests with a cocktail menu that complements a sophisticated meal.
  • Relaxing Evenings: Sip on an umami cocktail when you're in the mood for something that's both comforting and intriguing.
  • Culinary Exploration: Anytime you're feeling experimental with your taste buds, an umami cocktail can serve as the perfect medium.

Gravel Gertie

The Gravel Gertie is a briny, savory cocktail with a spicy kick from the Tabasco. The combination of vodka, clam juice, and tomato juice creates a rich, umami-laden sip that's both invigorating and bold.

Steak Dinner Shot

The Steak Dinner Shot offers a complex flavor profile. It's savory with a hint of citrus tang from the lime juice, and the Worcestershire sauce adds a touch of umami. The Tuaca Vanilla Citrus Liqueur provides a sweet and smooth backdrop, making the shot surprisingly palatable.

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