2 Trendy cocktails you can make in minutes!

Dive into the vibrant world of trendy cocktails, where innovation meets tradition in every sip. Whether you're looking to impress at a social gathering or simply indulge in the latest mixology marvels, these drinks are curated to elevate your palate and showcase the cutting-edge of cocktail culture.

Discover Trendy Cocktails

For those who love to stay ahead of the curve, trendy cocktails are the perfect way to explore new flavors and presentation styles that are currently all the rage. From the use of unique ingredients to the artful garnishes that adorn each glass, these drinks are as much a feast for the eyes as they are for the taste buds.

Who Should Try Them?

  • The Adventurous Drinker: If you're someone who delights in sampling the latest and greatest in the cocktail scene, these trendy concoctions are for you.
  • The Social Butterfly: Hosting a party or heading to a chic bar? These drinks will surely be conversation starters.
  • The Instagram Aficionado: For those who know that a picture is worth a thousand words, these photogenic cocktails will not disappoint.

When to Enjoy Them

  • During a night out with friends
  • At a sophisticated dinner party
  • When you want to treat yourself to something special and current

El Chapo

El Chapo cocktail offers a harmonious blend of botanical and fruity flavors. The Fords gin provides a crisp and floral base, while the strawberry-infused Aperol adds a sweet and slightly bitter dimension. The grapefruit beer tops it off with a refreshing and tangy finish, making it a well-rounded and invigorating drink.

Ready Fire Aim

The Ready Fire Aim offers a complex flavor profile. It's smoky due to the mezcal, with a sweet undercurrent from the honey-pineapple syrup. The pineapple juice adds a tropical tang, while the lime juice provides a refreshing citrus zing. The smoked chili bitters introduce a subtle heat that lingers after each sip, making it a well-rounded and invigorating cocktail.

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