2 Tea cocktails you can make in minutes!

Tea cocktails are the perfect blend of sophistication and refreshment, offering a unique twist on traditional cocktail recipes. Ideal for those looking for a low-alcohol option or wanting to experiment with new flavors, these drinks offer a delightful surprise. Tea cocktails are versatile and can be enjoyed at any time, making them a must-try for every cocktail enthusiast.

Tea Cocktails: A Refreshing Twist

Tea cocktails are becoming increasingly popular due to their unique flavor profiles and versatility. Tea can be used as a base in a cocktail, adding depth and character to the drink. From green tea to black, each variety brings its own unique taste, making the possibilities endless.

Who Would Enjoy Tea Cocktails?

  • Tea Lovers: If you love a classic cup of tea, you're sure to appreciate the nuanced flavors in a tea cocktail.

  • Cocktail Aficionados: Those who enjoy exploring new and interesting drinks will find tea cocktails a delightful addition to their repertoire.

  • Health-conscious Drinkers: Tea is known for its health benefits, making tea cocktails a healthier alternative to traditional cocktails.

When to Enjoy Tea Cocktails

Tea cocktails are perfect for any occasion. They're a great choice for a summer afternoon, lending a refreshing twist to your usual cocktail hour. They're also a wonderful choice for a cozy winter evening, with the warmth of the tea providing a comforting touch.


The Tea cocktail offers a delicate balance of flavors, with the earthy and aromatic notes of tea mingling with the sweet and tangy taste of citrus. It has a light and refreshing body, with a subtle hint of alcohol that adds warmth and complexity.

Clarified Milk Punch

The Clarified Milk Punch is a harmonious blend of sweet, sour, and strong flavors. It has a creamy, velvety texture with a hint of citrus and a strong punch of rum. The taste is complex yet balanced, with a long, satisfying finish.

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